Sunday, September 26, 2010

I guess i should update this.

Well epic failure as far as SNE chase. When another massive downswing hit again I just had to give it up as I killed off all my profits from my mtt winnings. I Don't know if I will pursue it next year, as It's just to hard at the stakes I play. I learned some things this year. First off I thought I wanted to make a name for myself in the poker community, I realize now that all I want to do is grind poker under the radar and not let all the regs know who I am. I really got all the attention I ever wanted and my attention whore days are over. I Will no longer be updating this blog for a long while. I wish you all luck. ty for the support

Sunday, August 1, 2010

shipped my first mtt for 7k

Its finally officially I have recovered from my massive downswing that had me thinking of quitting poker, My poker career is starting to become fun as last night i shipped a 109 30k guranteed for 7k, the SNE chase is becoming more impossible i need 120k a month and im only able to do like 80, my plan is to just keep building a roll then last 2 months take a shot at highstakes to make sne.

the only fun thing I did besides this was play 10/20 with 2 to 7 single draw with a straddle with jason mercier, david williams and another pro im forget his name at the moment, Jason forgot to straddle one round and was charged a penalty of 50 bucks so i have a cash credit from jason mercier thats kinda cool, made a thread about it cause lets face it im an attention whore. Nothing really going on, Im out of my stake and on my own took me 25 days to get off stake, I would like to personally thing A.B as none of this would of been possible without you taking a shot on a busto kid with a dream

Friday, July 2, 2010

time is now

okay here we go, I wasnt to honest on my last note, when i was in vegas i spewed off a lil more money than i should of, with expense and bills im afraid i almost went broke, no problem i just grind it out, but i have to drop down in stakes, well i cant do this cause i have not gave up on sne chase yet. Well i put in an app at for the 2nd time. The first time was at beginning of year but i turned them down and said i can do it on my own, If it wasnt shooting for elite i would not take a stake, so the boys at sharkstake are about to draw me up an offer when i run in to a very succesful poker player, at beginnnig of year he wanted to form a stable of elite chaser and help them make it there. I also turned him down at beginning of year. I really did my math on should i take a stake, the truth is i have to make 110 vpps this month and i cant do that if i dont have the proper bankroll i have no doubt that i can easily make a bankroll back, especially now that i have fixed leaks in my game and am no longer playing 40-50 tables, as you can see by my graph we are going up. there is no doubt in my mind that if i didnt develope the holes i did and go on such a bad loss online and in vegas i would be on pace to make elite, at this point is almost impossible as i only have 243 vpps the last 2 months i have been at 1/3 the volume i should be, but if we can hit 110 vpps this month we will be in there to make a run.... :) poker much more fun when your winning again

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looks like vegas was what i needed

okay i dominated for 7 hours while in even 24, I had a good stack going with out any cards at all i swear I had one hand where i got paid off, made ill my chips of floating and bluffing in position, So i was a little nervous for my first wsop event thought these players would be really good, turns out they suck, there is no doubt in my mind that you can find the best players in the world online...anyhow i decided to drink to take a lil edge off so i wouldnt play so nitty and play the game like its suppose too, I know it sounds dumb I do not drink every day, but i started drinking during the wsop and walked away twice to smoke a cig for like 10 minutes... dont think people do this...anyhow at dinner break i really have to piss theres 3 minutes left on timer i tell table by, when some young kid tells me its only 3 mins and my blind is coming up... i decide to stay... last hand before dinner break im in bb, 2 hands prior i watch this fish call a guys all in with 3 spades on the board with top pair and a 2 kicker, he hit a 2 on river to knock guy out, so he opens for 700 last hand before dinner break... one call then it comes to me i look down at ak... I shove for 7k... i know right terrible internet play, pisses me off more cause i think its funny how many people insta shove with ak so often thats not me... but i do he has aa i am out... i had a pro at every table i was at... this kid who won the sunday million twice played a hand so bad i dont even want to talk about it, lets just say if you have aa dont let everyone see the flop and then push hard. lost my ass in vegas, including getting cut off from alchohol at the rio at ten in the morning... guess pit boss tired of watching my loud ass drink and lose, how do you get cut off of alchol I know right... about the downswing it ended the day i went to wsop of about 12.5 thousand dollars, since them i think im up little over 2k in last 700 tournys which is about a week right now im playing slow... I dont have a bankroll to pursue elite at the moment I cannot afford a downswing in the 60's at the moment but i have had offers on staking me to get there but the idea of splitting my profits make me feel sick, but If i admit I cannot make elite by myself i will seek out a stake from some people... thats my blog and im sticking to it not re reading so sorry bout typos and ongoing sentences

Friday, June 11, 2010

going to vegas

updates, im up im down im all around, my kids moved in with me which slammed the challenge down quite a bit, I still have plans on getting there but its gonna be a push at last 5 months of year, going to play a 1k event in veagas 6/12/10, leaving in a couple hours, been running so bad online worse than i ever thought possible and thats after after over 15,000 sngs played. first 15k were a cake walk compared to now, well wish me luck Im sure a wsop braclet will cheer me up

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

nothing really

nothing really going on. I have my kids for a couple weeks, taking it slow for 2 weeks avging about 80 games a day, im about even since last post, but hit the 200k milestone good for 3400. I currently have to avg about 210 games a day, Im so far behind but this still can be done, Ill get back in a rhythm soon.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is it over


The Downswing continued.  I  new coming into this that a downswing could be devastating.  I just didn't know it would be this bad.  If you look at my graph you'll see that this is very unusual.  I am running worst than I've ever ran before.  And I have ran pretty bad.  This is just sick, this is definitely gonna be the hardest obstacle I will foresee in this challenge.  I've cut down my volume a little bit, four my worst days of my poker career occurred last week.  To have four of your top eight worst days ever in one week is highly unusual.  It makes you start to think if maybe you're being exposed, or if you're doing something different.  Then I thought it's a turbo you can't really expose players that bad.  Then I thought to myself, you know what's really going on, mathematically very possible just not likely.  This downswings three times bigger than any downswing I've ever experienced got me wondering if I can make it.  Since making this thread about my life, which was just a quick clip has got a lot of people asking me a lot of questions.  usually i will  help anybody out but until I start winning again I feel like you're asking the wrong person, confidence in poker is a great thing.  They can be bad if you're over playing your hands.  Right now my confidence is shot.  I understand now why boku didn't respond in his thread for two months while on his downswing.  This is why I never tried to become a professional poker player because of the emotional side, I'm not the most talented poker player but I am a grinder, my last session I won 1000 dollars in about an hour.  That is my first good session this month.  I feel like stopping here 'cause I don't want to find out if I'm still running really fucking bad.  I need five solid days of  poker to reach my second milestone which is worth 3400.  That would sure ease the pain.  For everybody that supports me thank you.  I do not feel like being a mentor to anyone until I become a winner again.  In all honesty im only up 40 thousand in grinding most of that have come in the last eight months.  As long as I break even I can make about nine grand in bonuses in 1 month but none of that matters if i lose 7k in 1 week.  That last session did help my confidence a little bit I'm going after the idiots at night a lot more like back in the day cause its easier to profit there.  I feel so sick 7 grand in 1 week is a lot of money to me that crippled my online roll and has me wondering if I'm going to have to dip in to my bank account, and themes not a lot in there.  If it don't turn around then this pursuit will be over, as i recover I will double my bankroll this time, in the next couple months I promise I will spend less and try to double where i usually carry my bankroll at, which is usually 10 to 15k, I never had a downswing for more than like 4k maybe max over a long stint not a fucking week, I thought there was no need, i see now with the volume i put in i really need at least 20k minimum to do this just in case your blabbing to much about what your doing and pokerstars decides to hit your DOOMSWITCH. I cant update as much as some of you may like due to the fact that i’m a lazy stonner.  Thats it for now lets hope the next update is me saying what the fuck was that last week